Gaofar People

Notable Inhabitants of Gaofar

The Royal Family

Gaofar has a unique power structure. It has a monarch, a King, but it is actually ruled by a council of the King’s three closest blood relatives ranked by age. The King himself is considered to be more of a wise adviser of the council, a man of sober second thought. By close blood relations it is meant siblings, children, and grandchildren. Parents of the king, if still alive, are not included. Generally, given Gaofar’s tendency to smaller families, this means one or two siblings along with an offspring or two. Currently the council is made up of the king’s brother, sister, and eldest daughter. When a king dies the crown passes to his eldest living male blood relative.

Unlike other Gaofarians, those within two generations of a sitting king have names that end in “of Gaofar”.

Notable Members of the Royal Family:
King Hardrum: A frail old man almost 100 years old. He has held the crown for over 40 years. He was once a robust and active man, but now he must be cared for. His mind is still sharp though his body and senses are failing him. He now spends most of his time at temple, in quiet gardens, or at his wife’s grave. He is loved by the people who worry for his health. Many pray the Fountainhead comes to life soon and is this time imbued with youthfulness so that they may keep their beloved monarch a few more years.
Counsel Jiness: The king’s sister

Gaofar People

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