Gaofar Culture and Religion


Gaofar, being as isolated as it is, has a culture completely unique to itself. It is immune to the influence of the Aeon Priests and the Order of Truth.



Gaofarians are elementalists. They believe in the spirits of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. On a fundamental level the elements themselves are simply raw concepts. Air is associated with space and distance. Earth is associated with the building blocks of creation (matter). Fire is associated with energy which moves and changes things. Water is associated with life.

It is the spirits which take these fundamental elements and create the world. The spirits give things shape and purpose while the way different elements interact give the universe scientific laws.

The spirits are omnipresent, immortal, innumerable, and completely mysterious. While the Gaofarians have statuary and representations of the spirits in human form the more enlightened Gaofarians recognize that these are only that, representations. The religion is one of humble respect as one tries to find his or her place in the world. Prayer and meditation revolves around personal understanding and trying to achieve oneness with the spirits around you. It is not a religion of gods that might answer prayers. (What I’m trying to get at is that it is more Zen than Judeo-Christian.)

Despite this many Gaofarians still like to have a anthropomorphic and personalized representation of their beliefs. Many families have a small shrine to a family spirit. Sometimes individuals will even have their own personal spirit they focus on, believing the spirit has revealed itself specifically to them. These spirits are believed to be a sort of guardian angel. The priesthood discourages this thinking, but it is deeply rooted in the culture.

Gaofar Culture and Religion

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