Gaofar (pronounced Gwee-fer or Gway-far) is an isolated coastal nation nestled in a large mountain valley. Gaofar is one of the aldeia of the Matheunis (the Cold Desert). It has a small population by Northern Steadfast standards, roughly 3500 people, and is ruled by a royal family.

Unlike the other isolated villages of Matheunis Gaofar is not hindered by arctic conditions. It is blessed by a warm wind that constantly flows through the valley. Nobody knows why the wind is warm or where it comes from. It is said that the bay and mountains themselves warm the frigid wind that enters the valley.

The harsh mountains by land and the monster infested, nearly unnavigable, waters by sea means that the valley is nearly cut off from the outside world. Only a single steep pass allows access into the valley.

Culture and Religion
Flora and Fauna


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