Character Creation

There are no house rules for character creation as of yet. There are a few things you ought to know before character creation however.

You are Gaofarian: You were born and raised in the valley. Your outside experiences are fairly limited to the area in and around the valley.

You experienced and powerful: For whatever reason you are a very capable hero. You are truly something special. You have surpassed most of your trainers and mentors. But with this power has come expectations and responsibilities. Think about how this has influenced your character. Have they developed an inflated ego? Are they intimidated or bitter about the expectations placed on them? etc.

Naming Conventions: Goafarian names consist of a unique first name followed by “of the _____ _____” with one of the four elements in there somewhere.
eg. Josatha of the Swift Flame, Izzneth of the Hidden Stone, Hoorg of the Winter Wind, Teller of the Churning Waves, etc.

The Group: Being such a small nation, and you guys being so distinctive, means your characters will certainly know of each other. Perhaps you are a group already? Or possibly just brought together from time to time. You are not necessarily friends, but definitely not strangers.

Tone: I’m hoping for a heroic storyline generally, but feel free to put all sorts of shades of grey and even bits of darkness into your character. I’d prefer you avoid outright evil however.

FYI: The characters play by a different set of rules than the rest of the world. Both for the good and the bad.

Character Creation

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